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  From international events to marketing collaterals and leadership development, the associates of Hongsakul Media are delighted to surprise the public with fresh ideas and natural quality. Our creative team consists of multi-national associates who have a passion for excellence, and a personal commitment to the success of our clients.

We like to keep quiet. But you may recognize some of our partners and clients:

Honda, Lucent Technologies, Pfizer, Democrat Party, Raimon Land, Sports Engineering And Recreation Asia, Siam Knight Fund Management, Manager Media Group, Vajiravudh College, Thammasat University, Chulalongkorn University, and a few individuals who are more famous than we are.

We promote you, not us.

You may come to us because you have seen our work and you want the same treatment for your projects. Or perhaps you have a special problem, or idea...and you require a top end team who can run with you toward success with style.

If you are doing great things for society, we would love to talk to you - particularly if you plan to implement CSR projects and you want something unique, powerful, and pertinent to corporate goals.

Together, we can improve our world - one project at a time.
  Pamela Hongsakul        

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